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Sea.fari Adventures (Skye) have won the 2002 Talisker 'Quality Award for Outdoor Experience.'

In 2003 we were awarded the Talisker Award for 'Customer Care'

In 2005 we were awarded a 4 Star rating by Visit Scotland

In 2007 we were upgraded to a 4 Star Wildlife Experience

Due to consistently good service we still have a 4 Star rating in 2011

Inquisitive Minke Whale

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Based on the Isle of Skye



More info on new trips and all day whalespotting days to follow....

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Please note that our main Whalespotting months are Mid June to Mid - September



This site is devoted to the appreciation of whales and other marine life around the west coast of Scotland, with a particular focus on the seas around the South end of the Isle of Skye and the Sound of Sleat. A chance to go whale watching in Scotland

We will try to bring you the chance of viewing these fantastic creatures to you.All of the photographs are taken by Sea.fari Adventures (Skye) and are real images from encounters on the boat, and boat trips around South Skye and the Small Isles. Whale watching in Scotland and the Skye area, has never been so easy for you to all enjoy.

Many amazing creatures are at home in our waters; porpoise and dolphins are present all year along with seals and many kinds of sea bird. The best period for whalespotting and whale watching is between mid June and the end of September. Why not contact us to find out about our trips and give yourself a great chance of Whale watching in Scotland and Spotting your own whale.

2002 was again a fantastic year, with more sightings than 2001, and more different species than ever before. With our local knowledge, and the pattern the whales give us, our sightings success is better than ever. On our 3 hour trips in 2002 and 2003, in 4 months, we failed to view whales only a handful of times. A record that is almost unrivalled.

"2003/04 were great years, we had a sightings record that would be hard to beat, along with the group of Bottlenose Dolphins that stayed around, some days we did not know where to look first! - along with the Humpback that stopped off to feed. My thoughts on 2005 were better than ever, we are seeing more and more different species of wildlife of all shapes and sizes.With the addition of a new,bigger boat, we can do more 3 and 1 hour trips and show more people what the West Coast waters have to offer" (Look in news section for full info)

2005/2006 - '05 was a 'different' year with a noticable decrease in Minke whale numbers, along with low bird numbers and adult birds struggling to bring up their young, put down to a shift in feeding grounds. 2006 back to good sightings, and a quick visit from a Humpback Whale.

2007 - Finished whalespotting for the year now. Take a look at the news page for further info..

2011 -- Just Getting Good..........

Peter Fowler (Owner/Skipper)

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