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Find the best whale-watching hotspots near gambling and entertainment destinations in the UK. Make a stop at Whitby Whale Watching, Padstow Sealife, and Hebridean Whale Cruises along the coast.

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Ever wondered why whales jump out of water? Read these theories on why scientists believe whales participate in breaching. One reason may be that whales do it as part of a mating ritual, and other research suggests that this behaviour is only a means of stunning prey or play.

The Sea Shepherd is a leading marine conservation organisation that is completely devoted to protecting and conserving marine life. The organisation has saved thousands of whales over the years during their efforts. They track vessels that engage in unregulated fishing and that violate whale conservation areas.

Whale watching and marine attractions can help to create more awareness about the issues that face marine conservation. People can contribute to activities and initiatives that promote marine life.

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