Do you have a passion for whale watching and marine life? Here are a few insightful podcasts about the magnificent creatures of the deep.

Dolphin and Whale Tales: Wisdom from the Deep

The host Anne Gordon is a whale expert and ambassador for dolphins. She shares useful tips and advice about cherishing marine life. Listen to a monthly dose of whale wisdom direct from the world’s foremost ocean conservationists. She interviews experts who dedicate their lives to protecting whales, dolphins, and marine life.

After the Breach Podcast

This is a podcast that is hosted by whale experts. Listen as they talk to professional whale watch captains. Jeff Friedman and Sara Shimazu share their passion and love for whales with thousands of listeners every week. Listen to first accounts of ocean adventures, and get the latest updates on whale encounters, sightings, research, and interviews.

Breaching Extinction

This is an informative and investigative podcast that examines and evaluates the complexities of marine life extinction. They learn how the Killer Whale population is being threatened to better understand the challenges that these populations face. They discuss solutions to environmental challenges and hurdles.

Whale Tales Podcast

This insightful channel brings listeners closer to stories from the deep. Listen to stories from experienced mariners as they talk about adventures that last for months out on the ocean. This podcast is managed by whale enthusiasts and conservationists who travel the world in search of stories. The channel publishes at least one episode every week.

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